Saturday, August 10, 2013

Astro Time Lapse

It's been a long while since I've made a video, at least for this blog. About time! I've been concentrating on my (swedish) photo blog lately, so this one has been a bit neglected unfortunately. But I will try to keep it somewhat alive at least.
And the video? Well, I'm very hooked on astronomy and that's something I've been for a few years now. Last night I rigged my DSLR to shoot images continuously in an attempt to get some of the Perseids (meteor shower) on fram. Unfortunately this didn't go as planned. I did see eight Perseids, but they were not in the direction where the camera was pointed and after three hours the clouds came rolling in and pretty much ruined the attempt. However I thought I'd try to make a time lapse video with the 342 images I got during the night. There are quite alot of activity in the sky anyway such as aircraft and satellites (and those cursed clouds of course).

Oh and beware of the "ghost"!


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