Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New video: Oh no, it's me!!!
A quick test of an idea I got a while back. Black and white movies are fun, split screen and matting can be fun as well. Ok so I forgot about a few details, but I probably spent less than 15 minutes to make it. As I said... ehm, wrote, this was just a quick test, but I'll try to put some more work into this idea for another video later on.

Runtime: 1 minute, 14 seconds
Size: 5.7MB
Format: WMV

Sunday, August 28, 2005

First video: Wind Driven
Here it is, my first video! Parakarting/kitebuggying is a great way to get the adrenaline going. Three wheeled buggies (or karts) powered by big kites are alot of fun. The footage was shot during some of our (Team Wipeout Sweden) yearly trips to the danish island Römö.
The guy in the black full face helmet is me.

Runtime: 3 minutes
Size: 14MB
Format: WMV
First post!!!

Ok, so now I've finally done it - started my very first videoblog. Or at least I'm about to (no video just yet). I have spent the past few weeks checking out some really cool/fun/weird/etc videoblogs and it seems like a lot of fun and I felt that I just had to give it a try! Actually I signed on to in january to start a regular blog but I soon got bored with it. But then I found out about videoblogging and since I like to mess around a bit with videocameras and video editing it got interesting again. Well I'm not good at editing video, but hopefully by starting this vlog I can get better.
Anyway, enough typing. Now it's time to post a video!