Sunday, August 28, 2005

First video: Wind Driven
Here it is, my first video! Parakarting/kitebuggying is a great way to get the adrenaline going. Three wheeled buggies (or karts) powered by big kites are alot of fun. The footage was shot during some of our (Team Wipeout Sweden) yearly trips to the danish island Römö.
The guy in the black full face helmet is me.

Runtime: 3 minutes
Size: 14MB
Format: WMV


trine said...

nice use of sound (music) to compliment the movement. that looks wicked!
looking forward to more!

ZuDfunck said...

Welcome to the Madness that is Vlogging!

JP Tarver said...

Looks like fun. Awesome video!

Randolfe Wicker said...

Looks like wind power can give you quite a ride. I've never seen this kind of thing with two and three wheel vehicles. I guess putting wheels under you increases the speed. What is the difference between the two wheel and the three wheel designs?

Do you know where you can explore this in the USA? Great video!

TractionMan said...

Thanks for the comments! :-)
I'll do my best to make some more videos.

Mr. Wicker, kitebuggying is very popular in the USA! Try google: kitebuggying, tractionkites, powerkites, parakarting and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. I know that Ivanpah (and some other dry lakes), is frequently used for these activities.
The three wheeled buggy is the most commonly used design. You can find small freestyle/allround/fun buggies as well as big heavy racebuggies (made for competition and high speed).

Gary Lynch said...

Nice video Tractionman, I like the two wheeled buggy, never seen one like that before. Was it custom made or can you buy them somewhere? Anyway, thought you might like to check out my parakarting video